The Greek stem 'techne' of the word 'technology' means the unification of art, trade, craft and science as well as skill and the achievement of a certain goal. Following this technology in the construction sector is the methodology of procedures in a particular field of application.

In the industrial production the application of technology always means the fabrication of goods and the tackling of tasks with minimal outlay with coincident highest possible productivity. In comparison to that the building itself often seems underdeveloped in terms of planning and execution. One cause for this could be the traditional inertia of the construction sector that hesitates to adapt to new materials and systems. In analogy to technological products buildings as well show a correlation between performance, lifespan and appearance on one hand and production costs and maintenance costs on the other.

Up to now the object character of a building was paramount. By applying the principles of technical products the object character of a building is converted into a holistic performance during the life cycle. Therefore the term 'performance' is suitable. A methodical approach, optimisation and simulation of characteristics, systems, construction workflow and facility management throughout the planning can lead to technological superior building structures.

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