industry - commercial - administrative buildings

Reichardt, J., Peters Bakery, Essen, in: aesthetics efficiency - industry commercial administrative buildings, Wiesbaden 2005, p.270 ff.

Approximately ninety percent of all functional buildings are developed without any architect.
Consequently an inhospitality of industrial and commercial areas is more and more shaping the appearance of our cities and landscapes. Nobody would willingly stay in those areas any longer than the working times. 
The confusion of the economic goal profitability with cheapness justifies way too often anonymity, banality and ugliness.
Already Henry Ford well known as a thrifty contemporary debunked this serious misjudgement.
He coined the motto „good design pays" which formed the identity of his company.
Fordfactorys of the 1920th were very cost-effective production plants while simultaneously maintaining a high level of architectural quality.
Functional buildings should again be designed by architects. This could result in very profitable plants, well-proportioned spaces, fascinating structures and enjoyable workplaces.

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