▪ Concept
Sustainability by use of the renewable material  wood in structure, shell and roof
Application of highly innovative, energy-efficient  technology for baking and cooling, worlds premier of cooling equipment which works without environmental harmful refrigerants
Photovoltaics (on roof), currently Essen's biggest power plant that provides as well the bakery process as the delivery-mobiles (radius of 30 km)
General natural light levels adapted, energy-saving LED-lighting
▪ Construction

High changeability by wide spanning laminated timber beams
Front-mounted, insulated cassettes made of KERTO-plates, in-between steel stanchions, panelled with red cedar woods on the façade's site
Construction as extension, "fine surgical" intervention, during usual manufacturing running

▪ Facts
gross volume approx. 25.205 cu m,
gross floor space approx. 4.068 sq m

performance photovoltaics approx. 110 kWp

Power consumption cooling equipment 217 kWh/m³*a instead of ordinary 700-800 kWh/m³*a (reference)

30% lower deviation of EnEV
▪ Awards
DGNB GOLD certificated

BMWI prize 2011
Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology

Environmental Prize of Essen 2012
prize winner