New Construction

PET-Recycling plant


Germany, Übach-Palenberg, execution 2017-2018


Spotlights of the axially routed access road are the stainless steel silos in front of the plant   as well as the gatehouse functioning as concise verticals in a mainly horizontal rhythm and spatial/ photometrical concentration. A flying roof provides weather protection and accentuates the gatehouse’s relative small volume.”Green Flakes” were stuffed inside a 9 x 3 m glass partition wall and can be illuminated naturally by sunlight or artificially by LED thereby communicate the plants mission both from the inside and from far away.



warm hall: 21.60 x 21.60 m hall structural grid, steel supporting structure consisting of reinforces concrete columns and steel trusses

cold hall: 21.60 x 43.20 m structural grid, galvanized „grating gaps“ generate virtual fire compartments thus enabling the storage of PET-Bundles on a continuous area of currently around 4,600 m² consequently creating the highest possible flexibility



90,000 m² site area

17,000 m² gross floor area (current)

30,000 m² gross floor area (final)


photographer: Roman Mensing

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