▪ Concept
Schwaebisch Hall’s new central bus station forms the new entrance for commuter using local public transport and cars in front of the citycentre. With an area of 3.400 sq m the roof provides a generous dodger as well as an energy output of approx.150.000 kWh/a. In addition to the station’s autarkic illumination the roof produces a profit of more than 100.000 kwh/a which is applied to the local electric supply network.
▪ Construction
The bearing structure is formed by a steelframe construction with an incumbent tiled slab. It is braced as a self-supporting coachwork by folded arrises.
▪ Facts
Area roof: 3.400 sq m
Area photovoltaics: 2380 sq m
▪ Energy output
150.000 kWh/a
CO2 reduction: 82 t/a